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Here's your chance to become  a budding movie producer!

We need instructional videos of things like, installing your engine to a Mud-skipper kit, or changing a Delrin bushing. Perhaps you decide to install a Hop-up Kit to a Predator engine? What about a before and after video of installing a Cavitation Plate? Or maybe you have a clip of the fish that didn't get away? Or a video of that great day when the duck hunt went well and you want to show off your haul. We'd like to see your decoys set out, and what about your favorite duck call? Maybe you could show us how you camo your boat for duck hunting? Do you have a favorite way of rigging your line for fishing a particular species?  

Lets see a walk around of your boat on the trailer and in the water; get a friend to video you doing some turns etc.

Slideshows are a good idea too. They are often preferable to live video because you can show a slide for a few seconds and highlight the detail with superimposed arrows, circles and text. If you have a Mac the Preview App is great for adding text etc to a photo.
These slideshows can be wonderful instructional tools for us!

If you have a video editing program, put a title in, your name, the location, which Mud-skipper Kit, which engine, boat type etc.

Work in these ideas around our products, and try to make your video interesting and at least 2 minutes long. What we don't want is a shot of the back of the boat with the engine running - it's boring guys, unless you're jumping over logs!


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