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STICK IT Shallow Anchors

The original shallow water anchoring system.

The Stick-it Pin Anchoring System is the perfect answer to boaters who are operating in shallow waters.
Whether you are Fishing, Hunting, Canoeing, even just swimming, the Stick-it Pin Anchoring System
will allow you to ‘drop anchor’ silently, safely and quickly.

If you use The BRAKE bracket, you’ll simply press the Pin down and it will slide through the BRAKE
and impale the river bed. Fixing the BRAKE bracket on the bow will allow the boat to swivel without
drifting and it will always turn into the wind. Using the BRAKE bracket eliminates having a Lanyard
and keeps your decks clear.

Alternatively, you can simply attach the Lanyard to The Pin and the boat and stick the Pin into the
river bed.  A ten feet long Pin is available for bigger boats wishing to anchor up in deeper waters.

For small boats like kayaks and canoes, there is a smaller Stick-it Kayak system which will operate
in depths of up to five feet.

Whatever your vessel, there is a Stick-it Pin Anchoring System for you.

Made from UV stabilized injection molded custom formulated fiber filled nylon, not hollow fiberglass resin.
Nylon rod ends honed to a point, no need for metal ends that fall off.
Engineered for strength and durability for years of trouble free use.
Unique BRAKE Mounting Bracket is faster, quieter, and stronger than any other anchor.
T Handle molded on for rugged service with cushion to lessen impact on BRAKE.
Kits come with Velcro Safety Storage Straps.
5 Year warranty


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