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RIBBZ. Floating pontoons


What are RIBBZ?

Floating dock pontoons with ATTITUDE!

For the toughest protection, ribs have offered life long protection of most things in the natural world!  So it makes sense to use them to protect the flotation chambers holding up your dock.

A RIBBZ pontoon is double skinned, the inner chamber is a straight HDPE tube and welded to it, is a second corrugated tube, giving extreme overall strength, and offering a bumper to prevent impact damage. Each rib is an individual tube, giving additional buoyancy. In the unlikely event of a puncture, only the one rib will be compromised. The cylindrical shape of the rib provides a bumper protection and incredible strength.

RIBBZ will combat the icy conditions found in North American Waterways. The curved ribs  actually push the tube up and out of the ice. Smoother tubes do not have this advantage, and rectangular tanks are prone to being crushed.

RIBBZ are ideal in areas with environmental restrictions.They do not interfere with the shoreline.

RIBBZ are always at the correct height for your boat, regardless of tides, and fluctuating water levels.

RIBBZ pontoons are usually positioned pointing into the wave action, minimizing motion.

Plastic barrels and steel drums are prohibited on canal waterways and many reservoirs

RIBBS can be anchored using preformed concrete weights attached to a cable or line


A RIBBS pontoon can be attached to almost any form of dock, say an aluminum or wooden frame. Many existing docks can be removed from their posts and postioned over RIBBS units.

Our prefered method of securing is to use a 3/16" Stainless Steel Cable, with a protective tube to prevent chafing.

The end caps are FUSION WELDED into the tube, not glued, adding a great deal of strength to the ends of the pontoon.

Without doubt, RIBBZ are the strongest, longest lasting floating dock pontoon on the market!


Here's an example of the positioning the RIBBZ pontoons on a timber deck.



The Wooden deck is merely positioned over the top of the pontoons. The buoyancy of the tubes and the weight of the deck are sufficient to keep them together even in very rough weather.

Here are a selection of fittings available from Home Depot. These are used with treated 2x6 lumber and either Trex or treated deck planks.



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