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All you ever need to build a dock for launching a Kayak, Jon Boat, or anything that floats.


Blox can be partially filled with water to provide a sloping dock for launching and driving boats onto.
Blox can be left insitu all year round.
Design your own dock shape, and add sections easily, very versatile.
Fluctuating water levels are not a problem, your dock will always be at your desired height.
See  CFR.30 appendix C. 14

Appendix C to § 327.30 - Shoreline Use Permit Conditions

14. Floats and the flotation material for all docks and boat mooring buoys shall be fabricated of materials manufactured for marine use. etc...........
Valley OD 12” – 12.61” 15” – 15.42” 18” – 18.43”
Corrugation OD 12” – 14.85” 15” – 18” 18” – 22” 



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